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Issue # 34
February - April 2010

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Diane's Welcome 

Serione's Message 

Jeffrey's 2 Cents Worth


Every day brings a new light.

-- English Proverb



Hello From Diane

It feels wonderful to be in this New Year of Twenty-Ten and I welcome it whole heartedly :-). Last year was particularly challenging for so many of us and this year will still have its challenges because of the growth cycles that we are all on.

  Jeffrey and I felt very blessed to see many of our family and friends over the course of last year.  Five of our loved ones transitioned from September to November.  It seems like no matter how much we have experienced synchronicities in our life we are still awed at the perfection of timing.

Jeffrey and I went back to Washington in July for his 30th year class reunion.  It was so much fun !!!  Jeffrey and his Dad (John) spent some quality time together.  I'll let Jeffrey take it from here.

Dad's character was best summed up by a friend after the eulogy as the toughest and gentlest man he knew.  Dad had requested the classic Sinatra song "My Way" at his celebration of life and I had to admit that was Dad.   During our last visit that summer we had some time with "just the guys". We usually talked about guy stuff; politics, cars, etc. nothing on this scale.   Out of the blue Dad said: "I always believed that when you died, you  were just gone.  That's it.  But when you get to my age you start wondering that maybe there is something more... or is that just self serving"   

Dad knew I was a man of faith, though he always claimed to be an atheist.  So I was blessed that I got to help Dad find the faith he had denied most of his life.  

Three weeks later Dad had his final stroke".   After years of failing health and an incredible battle to live, the man his doctor called the "Energizer Bunny" passed gently, with his wife at his side.  Towards the end of our last visit, the picture that Diane took with Dad, my stepmother Betty, and I was amazing.  I hadn't seen dad smile like that in years.

Two months later I had the honor of performing the graveside service and eulogy.  Everything had fallen into place for us to have that special time.

Diane and I thank Spirit every day for the blessed life we live.

As more of our loved ones and friends pass on into Spirit, seeing the synchronicities adds some ease and grace to this difficult experience and it makes it easier, to feel them still.  They are never really gone.  

So we welcome 2010 with some new angels looking over our shoulders and with hearts full of hope for the coming year.  



 Much Love, Diane & Jeffrey


Serione's Message

Your world is experiencing the escalation of events to  exhume vulnerability.  As the layers of self protection peel many find themselves in various states of confusion. This confusion lends itself to discovering what is truly important from the innate feelings of the heart instead of perceptions of the trained mind.    

   As the political houses ride the powerless roller coaster  of their own self delusion completely disregarding the strengthening populace, they are unabashed until such time when the expression of truth and the momentum of ownership presides.

 As more and more dictatorship encroaches on individual rights, the majority are passionately expressing their right to choose their life's course and will. As the exploiting continues, the opposition strengthens which creates integration to amplify autonomy.  

   As we have spoke previously, immune systems are imperative to the health of the physical body to sustain its structural integrity. Pandemic diseases are becoming more prevalent and there will be many more bacterial viruses in part due to the contamination of water, including bottled, which will not be identified upfront.

   Heartfelt opportunities are abundant and will continue  on a direct path of enlightenment.  The energy of manifestation is elevated causing immediate results which are reflected in your personal life.  

   Much more will be presented in this year of the Tiger.  It is a year of intensity and strength, as well as vulnerability and nurturing.  To experience each element is a gift onto its own creation.



We Wish You Sovereignty






Not gold, but only man can make

A people great and strong;

Men who for truth and honor's sake,

Stand fast and suffer long.


Brave men who work while others sleep,

Who dare while others fly-

They build a nation's pillars deep

And lift them to the sky.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson




Jeffrey's 2 Cents

Wishing you all a Happy....



 And Spring arose on the garden fair,

Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;

And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast

rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.

~Percy Bysshe Shelley, "The Sensitive Plant"  




 Diane Rose Phillips

Spiritual Counselor  

 (888) 910-2038 or (661) 821-0446



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