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Feb 2009 - Apr 2009

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Diane's Welcome 

Serione's Message 

Diane's Incentives and Class Schedule 

Ode to St. Valentine's Day

Mike and Diane, during his visit in July 2008.

Diane's Welcome

I am going to share a very special story of my fathers transition with you. 

He passed on November 14th of last year.  I sat with Dad all night and around 3:30 a.m. Jeffrey’s Grandmother, Marcia who had passed one month prior appeared to my right and her husband, Con beside her.  It was so comforting to know they were there. All of a sudden, my Dad’s mother appeared across the bed from where I was sitting—just smiling at me.  She was waiting for Dad—this was when I truly realized that he would not be leaving the hospital.  The Doctor confirmed this the next morning.  He passed within a week of finding out he was ill. 

Dad had two waiting rooms full of people including  his room and one by one each person walked up to him and told him how they felt and wished him well.  It was emotional for all and at the same time a celebration of his life.  His room was filled with so much love, it is unexplainable and a feeling that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  I felt that this was a blessing for everyone—it sure seemed to  help with the transition and closure.

 My Dad was a proud man and in my husband’s words, “a man’s man”.   My brother, Roger was his only natural son and many others adopted him as a father figure. 

A few days after his transition I was just lying down in his bed to go to sleep for the night and I heard bells ringing in my head.  They sounded like they were in the distance, very soft and elegant, as if they were blowing in the wind.  I said, “Dad, if this is you, please do it again” in which he did and I thanked him and again he repeated the 3 consecutive rings.   What a wonderful connection—I could not have asked for anything that suited our relationship so well.  Dad and I did not use a lot of words, we just knew that we loved each other.  


   My wish is that we all create the opportunity to experience such extraordinary love and openness in our lives. 


Much Love, Diane


Serione's Message

As your New Year unfolds it will be met with challenges, mystery and movement forward.

  As the battles reign externally listen to your own internal disturbances that rise for recognition and resolution.  It is a time of resurrection, a time to remember what is truly important and to take steps of action to rectify.  You are being asked to unveil and open your hearts. 

 As you move through each phase of this growth cycle, know that we are close at hand.  We hear your wishes and for many we see the conflict of your words to what you genuinely feel.  We present to you the energetic reflection of your truth, this is what lies before you.  When your words are aligned with the legitimacy of your heart, desires manifest.

 Segregation has been a way of life and in these years to come eruptions will spring forth to be dealt with.  It is a part of the process of reconciliation and evolution.  The eruptions strengthen or lessen by what you give out as a collective society energetically and in return will be mirrored back.  In your personal life the same is true.  To find ease and balance is to become aware of your intentions, discard your judgments and express truth lovingly and simply. 

  Are you willing to see the light in every experience?  Are you willing to shine your light in the midst of darkness?  Are you willing to allow your heart to guide or your head to control?  Are you willing to see the creation of God in everyone and everything, including yourself?   


We wish you solace during this time

 of  introspection…





Specials, Classes and Changes

Diane Rose Phillips—Spiritual Counselor   (888)910-2038

www.serenitynews.com     diane@serenitynews.com 




Teleconference Group Sessions

Join Serione` and I in a teleconference to discuss specific topics in a real time group channeling session.  All you need is a phone and paid registration to attend.


  • Call or e-mail me if you are interested in attending a teleconference for any of the topics listed below.
  • When at least eight people are interested, I will arrange the session time and date, and you will be contacted with the opportunity to register.
  • Registration costs $35, and the session will last 1 1/2 hours.
  • You will be responsible for your own phone charges.  
  • Upon registration you will be given a special code and phone number that will give you access to the teleconference.
    • This will give you special access to the call and will entitle you to the recordings of that session for up to 30 days from the conference date.





How The Universe Responds to You

     You will learn to:

     · Recognize Divine intervention

     · Be more aware of what you are creating

     · Pay attention to your intentions

     · Recognize the positive in each situation


The New Year And What It Offers

     You will learn:

     · The overall synopsis for the year

     · What behaviors offer growth and stagnancy

     · How to balance in the unknown



I also offer classes to groups of eight or more in a relaxed and interactive setting.  Schedules are based on interest, please check out these pages to see what each class offers.









New Email Address:  diane@serenitynews.com


New Website Address: www.serenitynews.com


"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it

as an adventure."

-William Feather














Tucker is our new Sheltie puppy

He is a Love!!!!!.






If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is a visual Ode...


Enough Said!

Happy Valentines Day, and to All... LOVE.



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