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is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.
-- Kahlil Gibran

Editor’s Welcome
It is indeed a new year, and a new beginning.  The first true year of the new millennium, saw the end of some ways of life, and ways of living life.  Lives and jobs were lost, but sacrificed in the true meaning of the word, given unto God.  For this was the price to start the move into our future, and angels are still singing the praises for those who sacrificed so much.
So forward we go, stronger wiser and mindful of our past but focussed on the moment, with hope of a bright future.  This issue is all about a brighter future which we will co-create with you, so please enjoy and know that we are all blessed.
Love and Light
Diane’s Welcome
Hello Everyone :-),

I hope this New Year finds you in excellent health.  We went home for Christmas and it was the first time that we had seen some of our family since moving to North Carolina in 1998.  The food was so good that I tipped the scales at an extra 6 pounds.  You can imagine what one of my New Years Resolution's is :-).  We had a wonderful time and welcome our next trip. Our readers are growing to the point of requiring a more feasable approach on how we send out our newsletters.  For those of you that we have email addresses for - we are sending a note informing you that our website has been updated with the latest newsletter. It can be printed from the site if you choose.  If we do not have your email address, it will continue to come to you as before.  We would welcome your email addresses,  so  if you feel inclined to participate, please send us a note via e-mail at bearspath@earthlink.net.  Also, we would ask that if you would rather not receive the newsletter, please email or phone us. We are also offering a space for advertising your business card or up to 3 lines of information.  The cost is  $25.00 per issue and will be put on our website (newsletter section) and in the hardcopy of the newsletter. We welcome any suggestions that you may have.  Until next time, I wish you all blessings in manifesting your true hearts desires.

With Love,  Diane

Why Do I Love You?
I love you
Not only for what
You have made of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.
-- Roy Croft

With Love, From Spirit
Many have felt a sigh of relief for the New Year and some have felt dispair of might occur next.  It is upon you to create that which you truly want to experience in your reality.  The planet has taken on a radical transformation that was meant to open the hearts of those who were willing to accept and give in love.    It is a time of grace and exploration in human kind and can be found within the depths of each individual as you focus on your intentions and desires.   We recommend to pay particular attention to your thought processes which may bring disharmony to yourself and those around you.  You see regardless of what you speak, your manifestations will mirror your intentions.    It is a great time of renewal.  This renewal of intention will present an awakening on your planet which has not been seen since the Christ walked on your earth.  Watch for the signs of allegiance for they will bring the flowering of Jerusalem.  Open your hearts to the truth and not the cause. Consider the wrath for it imparts the truth in its subtlety.  Honor the skies for they represent the balance collectively.  Honor the earth as she unites separateness.  Honor yourselves for the courage to step beyond what you see before you, for you are walking in the footsteps of your Christ incarnate.
The road which has been strewn in your wake is one of intensity and love for all of human kind - go within and find harmony, lighten your load with detachment, play, dance and sing to praise the journey, create to bring forth your spirit and laugh to shine your light.
We wish you fulfillment on your adventure of self discovery in the transformation of your planet...Serione'

Forget injuries, never forget kindness'.
-- Chinese Proverb

Spiritual Chapel of Inner Light
We live in a very challenging time.  The world is evolving and old ways of government are failing.  The greatest challenges in human rights and in world relations lie not with other democracies or even the communist nations, but the tribal mentality especially prevalent in dictatorships and monarchies.  Nations built for a single ruling class of people or religion also fall into this set of problem nations.  No matter how hard they  try to be a fair nation, those who are not of the “National faith” are going to be considered second class by definition.
Tribalism is behind the genocide we see in some African nations today, and in the Balkans with Croatians, Serbians, etc. all trying to ensure ethnic superiority.  The driving fear is that if our group is not superior we are inferior, and our people will suffer.  What is lacking is commonality and equality.  Indeed we are all children of God, and the world is moving toward that realization, and individual freedom and equality is a part of the movement.
Look for example at the United states.  Our nation despite what some say has NO common language, religion, or ethic history to bind it.  The Glue of this democracy is the Common belief in personnel rights and freedom, as manifested in the Constitution.
But now we have a new challenge, as for the first time in our national history we have faced massive death of civilians in a act of “War”.  Our nation is responding by giving up some of our rights to increase our security.  While some of the actions are indeed wise and well thought I am still reminded of the quote from Ben Franklin that: "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
So what do I recommend to light workers in this time of trouble.  First, remember this, Blessing are best made inclusively.  In other words replace the Patriot’s “God Bless America” with the sentiment of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol: “God Bless us, Everyone”.  We often say during the season that we wish Christmas goodwill would last all year.  Well then, follow Christ’s example all year.  Christ said in his Sermon on the Mount, “But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray  for those who persecute you,” Matt 5:44.
We should remember that patriotism is not a bad thing but that it can also be the refuge for tyrants.  In Soviet Russia, and Nazi Germany, the term “a matter of State (or National) security” was used to hide other agendas and cover for atrocities on fellow humans.  Indeed our own nation, used the cloak of national security to hide radiation dose experiments on an unwitting general public, during the cold war.
I am not saying be unpatriotic, but the opposite, be involved.  The ultimate patriotism is to be involved in the expense of freedom.  There is a quote that says “America will remain the land of the free, only so long as it is the home of the brave”.  This means not only do we need brave young warriors to defend our freedom, but we the people must also have courage.  This means having the courage to stand up and question new laws, for only by reasoned debate not blind obedience is our “OF the People, By the people and For the people” form of government going to work.
The energy of revenge is hate, carrying that energy does not serve the enlightened heart.  But if you or your loved ones can’t get past the hate yet, then consider this.  A Spanish Proverb says the Living well is the best revenge,” and in no case is that more true than in battling this brand of supposed religious bigotry.  If we as a nation and a world, continue to not only live well, but to improve the lives of others, we will win over even more converts to our side.
So in closing, live in the light, love all living things and shine Gods love from within your heart into the world.  By doing this you become a true holy warrior, a warrior of the light.  If you open a door from a lit room into a dark one is there a fight at the threshold?  No, the light simply flows into the darkness, and this is how we all win, not by fighting hate with hate, but darkness with light.


Angels at Work
(received via internet-author unknown)
We all know what it's like to get that phone call in the middle of the night. This night's call was no different. Jerking up to the ringing summons, I focused on the red, illuminated numbers of my clock. Midnight! Panicky thoughts filled my sleep dazed mind as I grabbed the receiver. "Hello?" My heart pounded, I gripped the phone tighter and eyed my husband, who was now turning to face my side of the bed. "Mama?" The voice answered. I could hardly hear the whisper over the static.  But my thoughts immediately went to my daughter "Mama, I know it's late but, don't. . . . don't say anything until I finish and before you ask,  yes, I have been drinking. I nearly ran off the road a few miles back  and . . . and I got so scared.     "All I could think about! was how it would hurt you if a policeman came to  your door and said I'd been killed. I want to come home. I know running  away was wrong. I know you've been worried sick and I should have called you days ago, but I was afraid." I paused and tried to think what to say before I could go on, she  continued. "I'm pregnant, Mama and I know I shouldn't be drinking. Now, especially now --- but I'm scared, Mama. So scared!" The voice broke again and I bit into my lip, feeling my own eyes fill with moisture. I looked at my husband, who sat silently mouthing, "who is it?"
I clutched the phone and stared at my husband, seeking guidance. "I'm here. I wouldn't hang up," I said into the phone. "I should have told you, Mama. I know I should have told you but when we  talk, you just keep telling me what I should do. You read all those pamphlets on how to talk about sex and all, but all you do is talk.  You don't listen to me, you never let me tell you how I feel. It is as if my feelings aren't important. Because you're my mother, you think you have all the answers but sometimes I don't need answers. I just want  someone to listen."  "I'm listening," I whispered. "You know back there on the road, after I got the car under control, I started thinking about the baby and taking care of it. Then I saw this phone booth and it was as if I could hear you preaching about how people shouldn't drink and drive. So, I called a taxi. I want to come home."  "That's good honey." I said, relief filling my chest. My husband came closer, sat down beside me and laced his fingers through mine. I knew  from his touch that he thought I was doing and saying the right thing. "But, you know, I think I can drive now." "I know, but do this for your mama, wait for the taxi please." I listened to the silence, fearing. When I didn't hear her answer, I bit into my lip and closed my eyes. Somehow I had to stop her from  driving. "There's the taxi now." There was a click and then the phone went silent.  Moving from the bed, tears forming in my eyes, I walked out into the hall and went to stand in my 16 year old daughter's room. The dark silence hung thick.  My husband came from behind, wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on the top of my head. I wiped the tears from my cheeks.  "We have to learn to listen," I said to him. He pulled me around to face him. "We'll learn. You'll see." Then he took me in his arms and I buried my  head in his shoulder. I let him hold me for several! moments, then I  pulled back and stared at the bed. He studied me for a second and then asked, "Do you think she'll ever know she dialed the wrong number?"  I looked at our sleeping daughter and then back at him. "Maybe it wasn't such a wrong number."  "Mom, Dad, what are you doing?" The muffled young voice came from under the covers. I walked over to my daughter, who now sat up staring into the darkness. "We're practicing," I answered. "Practicing what?" she mumbled and laid back on the mattress, her eyes already closed in slumber.  "Listening," I whispered and brushed a hand over her cheek.

The Divine Plan
By Joan Stets
The more enlightened we become, the more we realize that we are on earth to learn and grow.  Consistent with this philosophy is the belief that the earth is in fact a school with a curriculum of twelve classes.  Each class lasts approximately 4 weeks correlating, not with the Roman calendar, but with the zodiac.  The course material of each class is a specific energy which is showered down upon the earth during a particular time frame (actually all of the energies are present all year, but during each phase a different one is enhanced from above).    We experience this energy  so that we can expand who we are.
The three energies presented in this newsletter are the three we will be experiencing over the span of this quarterly publication.  Please note that the first energy according to the Spiritual realm is that of Pisces (while the conventional zodiac begins with Aries).
The Eleventh Energy 
December 22nd - January 20th:
    This energy is strong and a stabilizing force that helps us succeed in fulfilling our spiritual goals.  It sends the message that determination,  patience and commitment are necessary if we are to transform ourselves and achieve our life's purpose.  Passion for these things which is stimulated by the  First and Ninth Energies is not enough.  It must be united with a desire that is steadfast and unwavering.

The Twelth Energy 
January 21st - February 20th:
    This energy encourages us to embrace humanity.  It reminds us that there are truly no differences between us except those which we have created within our own minds.  We all belong to something greater than ourselves.  We all want to find the love that is deep in our hearts and we all want to make our way home to the purest love.  We weren't meant to be isolated in this quest and it is at this time that we honor the journey in everyone.

The First Energy
February 21st - March 20th:
    This energy stimulates your memory about being united with your soul.  It encourages you to detach from aspects of life that narrow your awareness and focus on the attributes of Spirit.  It helps you recover your natural ability of creativity, intuition and extra-sensory perception.  By seeing beyond our eyes, hearing beyond our ears, and communicating without words, we are taken outside our very familiar physical form and are elevated into a spiritual reality --  the mosaic of love.

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