A Spiritual Publication
Issue # 5
JAN - MAR 2001
Mebane, NC

Editor's Welcome 

Diane's Welcome 

Serione's Message 

Spiritual Chapel of Inner Light 

Angels at Work 

Love is Patient, love is kind. 
It does not boast, 
it is not proud. 
It is not rude, 
it is not self seeking, 
it is not easily angered, 
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. 
 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, 
always preserveres.
I COR 13:4-7h. 

Editor’s Welcome

Welcome to the true beginning of the new millennium.  This promises to be an adventurous time for the spiritual seekers.
So join us on this spiritual expedition into the mysterious future.  We shall endeavor to explore some of life's mysteries together, and to share ideas and stories which guide us to a more sacred and enlightened way of life.  Since all of us are children of God, and share his light we are not so much about living an extraordinary life, but about living life in a extraordinary way.
We will also continue for this to serve in part as the unofficial news letter for our Church the "Spiritual Chapel of Inner Light", so if you're looking for more information on our services, you can always find it here. So welcome old friends and new to this issue and the new year.  My we all be blessed.

Diane’s Welcome
 Hello to everyone :-),
Hope your Holidays was warm and enviting.  We had a wonderful time in our new home, which we have given thanks for time and again.  Jeffrey and I learned to appreciate more than ever after living in our RV for 2 1/2 years.  Our teenage daughter, Ashlee,  has learned a great deal and is of course still a teenager, although more appreciative than before.  Our animals, Mitzi and Unique love it...they have the freedom to roam.
We can actually be in the kitchen together, what a concept :-).  I took so much for granted, such as a washer/dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, privacy, etc...none of it meant anything without the love of my family.  We went through our trials and yet grew closer... the tight quarters in which we lived were actually a blessing and our lives became richer because of it.  Love has a way of breaking through all pretend barriers and facing self is the greatest gift that you could give yourself.  So, I ask you, are you worth the gift of life?  If so, are you willing to take that step to recognition?  For me, I was worth discovering.....and it doesn't have to look the same :-).
 With love, Diane

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.
-- Chinese Proverb--

With Love, From Spirit
We wish to speak of you with this New Year energy coming in around January 17th of your time.  This energy has a far reaching magnitude and your thoughts will manifest in short order.  Pay attention to your intent, as this is the key to purity.   Speak with your heart and it will shine through.  Your words are the vehicle to what harbors beneath the surface.  Expression of truth is a benefit to yourself and all you come into contact with.  Your ability to discern truth is becoming more apparent regardless of words that are spoken.  Many ask, "I am only one person - how can I make a difference?"  You are one person of many facets.  These facets being something which is not visible to the naked eye.  When you reach from within to that place of peace and contentment, you will understand which we speak of. This essence lies within every individual and the pure, profound existence of its creation can be visualized everyday on your planet and within your own lives.  It is the power of manifestation and what you have chosen to create for yourself.  You see, there truly are no victims.  Where in your life do you feel you have no choice?  Choice is what you are gifted with.  Where in your life do you fear moving forward? There are many opportunities that await you.  When you are willing to see you will see.  When you are willing to hear, you will hear. When you choose your path in faith and wisdom, your life will unfold before you.  Universal Abundance comes in all forms and is available at all times....are you willing to receive the precious gifts of life?
We wish you Love, Light,
 Peace, Joy and Abundance

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
-- Confucius--

Spiritual Chapel of Inner Light
Reflecting on the past year, it has been an interesting road indeed, which brings us to today.  Our very first service of the “Chapel” was held on January 2nd, 2000, the first Sunday of the new millennium.  Much has changed in us and our vision as we grew from embracing (and being embraced by) the Modern Spiritualists in the NSAC (National Spiritualist Assoc.. of Churches).  I owe them much thanks for helping us with information and the important encouragement which got the ball rolling so to speak.
Then as we grew and as I was guided more and more into my own calling, we found that our path must be separate, and that our beliefs did not fit into that particular association’s.   So operating under the grace of God and the certification of one of our founding members, Rev. Sherry Sellars, we have found we work well as a  niche of the Spiritual Science Church.
I will be Ordained this first Sunday of 2001, into that same Church, which will mark the beginning of a life long ministry, and a new way of life for me personally.  Thus a New Year brings on new and welcome changes yet again in our lives and our church.
We are still holding our services on every first and third Sunday each month, and still in the clubhouse conference room of the Sterling Apartments complex on highway 751, in Durham.  We still offer Spirit messages as a working portion of our service, and we still focus on living an enlightened life through proper application and observance of the Natural or Spiritual  Laws found in all great religions.
If you are interested in sharing your beliefs and light with us, you are certainly welcome, as this year will be a more powerful and focused year than the one before.  I personally will be more active in the work of bringing light to the services, now that my calling is becoming crystal clear.  Soon we will publish a more in depth calendar than that on page 7.  In 2001 we will be holding a bimonthly unfoldment class, after the each Sunday Service, and several seminars including Diane’s “Self Discovery Through Divine Channel's” Class, an Astrology Seminar by Rev. Sherry Sellars, and even a class on building your own serenity fountains by me later in the year.  2001 has much to offer and we look forward to making new friends and new discoveries about the God light in all of us.   We hope you will join us on the adventure, but for whatever paths in life you choose, whether they cross ours again or not, we wish you the Highest and best of success.

Angels at Work
 Watching a popular TV show on the PAX network™ the other night brought to me a thought I shared in service one Sunday, and which I would like to share with you as well.  On this particular episode of Its a Miracle” there was a story about a couple meant to be.  They met in church, he was the junior pastor, she a new lady in town, sitting in the back rows of this unfamiliar congregation.  Both felt a strong connection at first sight, yet neither was the type to approach the other.  Over the course of weeks they would each see the other and finally attend a church study/prayer group together as a sort of neutral turf first date.
The young woman was spending a lot of time with her terminally ill mother, at this same time, so a short time later, before this budding romance had any real chance to develop, it was interrupted as the Mother took a turn for the worse.  The young woman made a terribly hard choice and moved back Home to be with her Mother, knowing it would almost certainly end any possible relationship.  Not long afterwards, the Mother died, her last words were to her beloved Daughter, an encouragement that she would be fine and find happiness.
Meanwhile a mutual friend of the young “almost” couple told the young Pastor of the mothers death.  He was torn inside, as he felt strongly about this young woman though he still barely knew her.  So he knelt in the Church one evening, and he prayed to God for an answer to his overwhelmed emotions and feeling for the young woman.
Then a man walked up to the pastor and interrupted his prayer.  The man was not one of the normal congregation, in fact the pastor had never seen him before, but he said: “excuse me, I know you are deep in prayer, but you have in mind a young woman and you are wondering if you are meant to be together.  You are and you will marry her and live a long and happy life together, I just thought you should know that.”  With that the visitor excused himself and left never to be seen again.
So the young man set out to find his love and surprised her in the church near her home where she was praying for guidance now only a couple days after her moms death.  She looked at him and said “ Oh I am so glad to see you” to which he replied, “didn’t you know I would come, Will you marry me”.  Her shock took her immediately from sobs to laughter, from tears of pain and loneliness to tears of joy.  And So they were married, and are still happily so today, over two decades later.
The Moral of my story is not about the miracle in itself occurring, but about being a part of any such miracle.  Any one of us could be the one who receives a message, a knowing of something important that is to be delivered to a total stranger.  Wouldn't it be grand to be the man who interrupted a prayer with an answer?   We are all angels, all made of the stuff of God, so why not ask to be in his service and see what miracles we can make happen?
Reality can be just like the lyrics of a popular song, "we're on the side of Angels after all."
With Love and Light

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