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Issue # 2
Feb 00-Mar 00
Durham, NC
Editor's Welcome

Spritual Counselor's Welcome

Serione's Message

About Our new Church

Presidents perspective

Editor’s Welcome

Welcome to our second newsletter.  I think it is important that you understand, what this publication is about.  It is the private publication of Jeff & Diane Phillips, and should not be considered the official newsletter of the Church we are also starting, the Spiritualist Chapel of Inner Light.
We will have articles pertaining to the Church but we will also advertise our own business and those of others we deem appropriate.  It is our personal intent to grow spiritually and to assist others to that end.  We hope that this newsletter may also serve in this capacity.

Love and light to you all.

Spiritual Counselor’s Welcome

I Hope everyone is doing well with the New Year changes and adventures that are being brought to us world wide.  Through our personal adventure, the snowstorm, here in North Carolina, I learned to appreciate heat, with a loss of it.  This is a commodity for some and for others a precious gift of life.  It was truly a wake up call for me personally.
I have some business changes to share with you. Due to late payments or non-payments, for future phone sessions I will only accept credit cards or debit cards at the time of the session.  If you do not have a card - a check or money order sent 2 weeks in advance of the appointment will be accepted.  If you are unable to keep an appointment - please allow me 24 hours notice so that I may schedule others in.
My Self Discovery Through Divine Channels class will be held the 2nd weekend of each month.  Please call and register for a class at least one week in advance.
I wish you all a happy Valentines Day With love.

Fear makes strangers of people who should be friends.

With Love, From Spirit

This time brings a renewal of spirit and a conditioning of the physical.  Pay attention to the language of your physical, as it will tell you through each moment what it is requiring for its own process.  We have seen many neglect their bodies and it shows up in many of the manifestations of illness.  It would be appropriate to pamper that which gives you sustenance.  As the energy systems change on your planet and the earth continues her releasing process - your bodies will feel the affect.

You may experience uncomfortable or unusual symptoms that cannot be diagnosed or explained logically.  You are experiencing what we would call a consciousness raising.  Everyone will experience this change in his or her own way.  At present, many on your planet are experiencing flu like symptoms, that have been increasing in intensity over the last few years.  For the bodies to adjust to this transformation we recommend:  allow it rest when it is tired, consume that which generates immunity and healing of the vital systems, allow that which you suppress to surface and release, exercise to oxygenate the cells and balance the flow of energy.  Most importantly, allow yourself time to play - lighten up.  The road is easier traveled with a lightness of spirit.  Fill your days with harmony and fulfillment of that which brings you joy as a renewal of your spirit is upon you.

We wish you love, light, peace, joy, prosperity, abundance and health


Watch your thoughts;
they become words.
Watch your words; they
 become actions.
Watch your actions; they
 become habits.
Watch your habits; they
 become character.
Watch your character; it
becomes your destiny.

New Church, New Millenium

Sunday, January 2nd, 2000, was a day for firsts.  It was the first Sunday of the new millennium and the first meeting of the Spiritualist Chapel of Inner Light.  The weather graced us with a warm and sunny day, allowing us to open the doors and windows, of the meeting room at the Sterling Apartment's complex in Durham North Carolina.  This was the first ever meeting, so our expectations were simple, yet we were simply amazed at the response and feeling of success that we received that day.  There were a total of fifteen in attendance, including the four founders, and four more showed up afterward to participate in the Spiritual unfoldment group.
The whole service went off without a hitch, as we allowed spirit to guide us in the flow and content of the service.  Carl Sellars, cofounder and acting VP, gave the introductions and announcements.  Diane Phillips performed a guided meditation and the spirit greetings.  As the acting president of the board of this fledgling church, I handled the invocation, healing prayer, lecture and benediction.  This served not only the congregation (for want of an ordained minister) but also served to confirm my calling to become an ordained minister (I had already enrolled in the Morris Pratt Institute Course, a requisite course for ordination in the Spiritualist Church).  We followed the Spiritualist platform decorum for the most part, however for lack of any musical accompaniment or vocal talent on my part, we chose to drop the hymns from the service.  We did replace the opening hymn with the aforementioned guided meditation, to raise the vibration of the congregation, and we closed with the Peace song.  We also enjoyed an emotionally stirring a cappella rendition of the Jewel Song "Hands" by our talented friend Elizabeth Eagle.
After the service, the unfoldment group met as announced.  It was a spirit filled event, starting off with the delivery of spirit messages for each person present (thanks again to Diane Phillips), followed by two hours of a spiritualist workshop, which was only intended to last an hour, but no one wanted to leave yet.

We met again Sunday January 16th, with sixteen people in attendance, despite the absence of four of our expected regulars.  We are definitely growing, and as such, we plan to hold an organizational meeting, shortly after our fourth Sunday Service (February 20th).  The time and date of the organizational meeting will be announced at that service, if not before.  It is our desire that during the organizational meeting we will elect the church board and permanent officers.  We can then decide how we will tackle the writing of our by-laws, incorporation, membership fees, charter, etc..  At this point, joining the charter of the NSAC is not a given, as it must be the board's decision.
Everyone is invited to our services, being held the first and third Sundays of each month.  Currently we are holding them at the meeting room of the Sterling apartments complex in Durham just off I-40, about one block north on 751.  We will out grow that facility quickly so don't be surprised when we announce a change of location.
As we have expressed to those present at the first two meetings, it is our mission to start this church and to participate in its growth, but it is not just our baby.  We invite anyone who thinks they may want to participate in building a new Spiritualist church, for this area, to call, or e-mail, and let me know.  For the time being, I am the focal point for communications and information on the Spiritualist Chapel of Inner Light.  Please call me at home at (919) 401-2645, and please do leave a message if I'm not there.

My Perspective

As the President of the Spiritualist Chapel of Inner Light, and its acting minister, I suppose my vision of this churches future is important to some of you.  In fact it may not be as important as you think.  That’s because this is intended to be a living spirit filled church, and I would not suppose to confine its parameters, not knowing for sure, what will serve the highest and best for the congregation.
There are however some basic opinions and concepts which I bring to this church, which I feel are important, and as such I think anyone interested in membership has a right to know.
First, I helped start this church because my primary goal,  is Spiritual Growth.  We (the four founders, Carl and Sherry Sellars, my wife Diane and I) wanted a place were we could worship, meet and do fellowship with like others and pursue spiritual growth.
We turned to the Spiritualist church (NSAC) because of some familiarity with them, and frankly because I liked the nine principles (see the first newsletter, or on the web go to www.nsac.org).
How I differ from the NSAC is that I consider life after death a pretty much given fact, so I am not so focused on proving the continuity of life.  I am more focused on contact with our higher selves, and our higher senses.
In all honesty, while my initial leaning is toward the NSAC we may or may not charter with them, because that desicion is not mine to make.  First we must develope a membership, then elect a board, then they can represent the congregation's wishes.
Our hope is that the church will provide a place where we can all share, and grow.  We will learn from each other, and practice such spiritual skills as present themselves, with love and discernment and pure intent.  Our worship services will include healing and spirit messages.  We will keep the pulpit open to the highest spiritual guidance, choosing love and growth over format.
So here you have my vision of this new church, and what I hope it will be.  But it is not really just my choice, and I am just one voice in the membership.  So please come and bring us your visions, and your light.  We welcome all children of God, and this means you.


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