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To all who have suffered I send my Love 

Religion's Role in 9/11 

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Editor’s Welcome
Where thought goes energy flows, this is Universal Law.  So as we enter the last quarter of 2002, and the holiday season, what are you focusing your thoughts/energy on. 
With remembrance of 9/11/01,  wars and rumors of wars, it is all too easy to focus on the negative.  But now more than ever we need to focus on love and tolerance.  The goal is not to create a world where 9/11 is remembered because it is seen  daily in destructive and hurtful acts elsewhere.  It is to create a world where that kind of suffering and pain will never again happen to anyone.  
This is done with one thought, one act, one person at a time.  Every kind word and deed will spread more light when it is so badly needed.  So be kind, and loving, watch less news, play more and shine your light. 
Love and Light
Diane’s Welcome
Hello :-),
It looks like areas around the globe are going through an array of weather patterns.  Here in North Carolina - we have had much needed rain and still require more to fill our water tables.  The beauty that fills the air after rain is amazing in itself.  Everything is so alive and well when it is healthy and nourished.  It is interesting how these  weather patterns seem to represent the intensity of events that people go through in their daily lives, whether it be on a smaller or a larger scale.
 In talking with people from all over...it really gives me a whole new perspective.   When we get so full of emotion, it is released in one form or another. Why would the earth be any different?  After all, she does provide a home for us.
Once again, I am graciously accepting any testimonials that you would like to send me regarding sessions or classes that I have had with you.  Our computer crashed and took these with it.  These testimonials will be put on our website.  I will use your initials and location, unless you indicate otherwise.  You can send to me via email or to my office address on this newsletter. The Holdiay season is up on us and I am offering special package rates.  You can find the information under "Incentives, Specials and Changes".
In closing, I wish you safe, funfilled holidays with the joy of doing and being who you really are.
with love,  Diane 
With much love and

"Wisdom is to see the miraculous in the
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

With Love, From Serione'
These last few months of your energetic year will create various reactions to outcomes.  We would wish for you to take notice and process through old behaviors and perceptions which are not  a benefit for your upcoming physical year. It is a time to regroup and not settle for what we would call deprivation.  When you are being asked to move forward...it will seem as if stagnancy has settled in with obstacles beyond your control.  There is not anything beyond your control only what your brain would have you believe. In following your hearts desire....you require light hearted experience, risk and perseverance as the key ingredients of  owning that desire and moving forward.   Your guidance has become more fine tuned and listening to your self is an essential part of your growth.  Pay attention to the outcome of  events, people, and your physical body for the answers in which you seek confirmation.  When it feels out of control, acknowledge your part in its creation.  In almost all cases, we see that you  invalidate self  and others through judgment  and complacency.  What you resist will percist, what you avoid will intensify, what you believe will be mirrored.  Use discernment on your journey as  all are in the process of change with the energy of the present.  Your Holidays offer great lessons in  discernment of truth and acting upon your own inner truth.  It is a time of joy not repression - consider the greater truth of every situation you encounter and bring to your awareness the answers to substantiate its existence. Enjoy this time with great exuberance and a willingness to step joyfully into a
life of renewal.

We wish you fulfillment
on your expedition of life...Serione' 


To All who have suffered, I Send My Love
Over the past twelve months many have suffered losses of family, friends, lovers, love, and even faith.  My simplest consolation is that whatever suffering we may endure in this life, will be a blink of an eye in our eternity of peace yet to come.  There we will proudly wear the badges of honor earned in the suffering of many incarnations.  Especially blessed are those who chose to live, learn and serve God, by enduring and bringing  Him your love.  Peace and love to all who have suffered, the very angels sing of your courage, the courage to live  on earth.  You are loved.

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Living well is the best
--Spanish Proverb-- 

Religion's Role in 9/11
Many people faced a crisis of faith on 9/11.  Since then many articles have come out to
defend God's role in those events, but God needs our defense no more than he needs our worship.  It is our religions, our culturally generated, personally adopted belief systems that were impugned on 9/11, not God.
If you look at the Webster’s Dictionary definition of Religion, nowhere does is say that it IS the word of God.  Instead you will find it speaks of Institutional or traditional belief systems and faith.  God never wrote a single book, but He/She has certainly inspired humans to do so.  But, since divine thought was translated into imperfect human language, every book has its flaws.  So to say, “my religion is pure, clean, right and free of error”, is to exhibit the same sort of hubris the terrorists did, when they acted in “Gods Behalf”.
To say that the terrorist act is not justified in the religion of Islam is mostly true.  The majority of thoughtful Muslims would not justify such violence in the name of Islam, and certainly those who have studied Mohammed would agree that he would not condone the attacks of 9/11.  But then Jesus would not have condoned the Spanish Inquisition or the great Crusades.  Likewise, Buddha would have seen flaw in the thinking of the Buddhist monks (of different sects) who fought each other violently over a monastery.  Yet, in all of these religious systems there is the human ingredient, and with it some traditional or historical precedent for violence.
If you are of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) then you share a common creation story.  Adam was tempted by the devil and ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge and suddenly we had the knowledge of good and evil.  He who created all things, including Satan, the heavens, Earth, Adam and Eve, could have prevented the temptation, but instead he created a great passion play.  The creator gave us free will, a gift, of awesome and terrible magnitude, and with it comes the weight of God’s Universal laws.
It was free will that piloted those planes, and it was free will that carried those firefighters into harms way.
But then with free will we also have human ego.  It is ego that makes us try to force human characteristics on God, who is beyond our comprehension.  The ancient mystery schools, which serve as the root of most religious systems, tell us that we are incapable of fully understanding God’s will.  In fact is “will” even a term you can infer onto God, whose very thought IS creation?
But it is this shortsighted anthropomorphized view of God, which causes the crisis of faith when people try to understand “how a loving God could let such tragedy happen”?  I hear them cry, “where was God, on 9/11”?    I know the answer.  
He was, as always, in all places and all things, loving us and allowing our passion play of free will to run its course.  Just like he was in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Just Like he was in every death camp, every killing field, and every murder scene since Cane and Able. He was there loving us, despite our refusal to love each other and all creation.  
Our Egos also let us believe America was invulnerable to this level of “evil”, but evil is a very subjective thing.  Follow this line of thought if you can:
•    If you believe absolutely in God (Good) and Satan (Evil);
•     If you believe that every soul is salvageable, that even if they do evil it is because of corruption by Satan;
•     If the majority of the world is misguided by Satan, with the once great religions tainted by new liberal ideas;
•     If Satan’s seductions include materialism and greed, and even the most faithful are often seduced by these tools of evil;
•     If to kill the corrupted in “righteous” battle against Satan, is to release them from Satan’s spell and to allow them to follow         you, “the Martyr”, to heaven;   
Then, according to the above beliefs you have minimized the suffering of the misguided, doing them a favor, by taking them to bliss and out of Satan’s grasp.  
Now, I do not claim to know what was in the hearts of the leaders of the 9/11 attacks, but can you see how misguided faith/belief can result in a different view of Good versus Evil?  But more importantly do any of you recognize any of the above individual “if” statements from your own religious upbringing?
The root of all religions is a desire to understand God.  The truth of all major religious doctrine is that God Is Love, and that Love is the power of God.  So if you encounter within your own religious experience, something, which does not mesh with the greatest teachings of the masters, "to love the Lord with All your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself," then it might just be that human ego was injected where it did not need to be.  Simply acknowledge this and honor yourself for rising above the error.  
God does not want blind obedience to a printed word, he wants us to chose his path, the path of Love, for ourselves willingly.   So each of us must discern the “truth” of God for ourselves, from our own hearts.  We are growing past the time when simple blind obedience to dogma is appropriate for us.  
Our young grow to a point where they move out on their own and they must choose daily what is in their best interest. No longer can they count on Mom or Dad "forcing them to get up and go to work/school.  They get to choose their bedtime and reap the consequences of that choice. They can always ask their parents for advice but more and more they must rely on their own inner compass to guide them, and herein lies one great lesson from 9/11.  
We must see past dogmatic beliefs, religious or otherwise (i.e.. patriotic, political, or even social dogmas), to find the truth for ourselves. So you can see that the role religion played in the 9/11 attack is one of human choice and belief and thew good news is, we can make different choices.
But here is one more thought for those still suffering a crisis of faith, due to 9/11.  If we are eternal beings, if in heaven there awaits an eternity of bliss, then the pain of the longest human life is less than the blink of an eye in the greater reality.  So take some comfort that while to the small human view of things 9/11 was horrendous, it’s not much of a price to pay for the lessons that the whole of humanity can take from this.  All of our religions tell us of Saints who have willingly given his or her life to further humanity, and on the level of the soul everyone who died that day, volunteered.  The ways of God and Spirit are mysterious but not unduly cruel, for all is made of God, by God, and He is LOVE.  So remember this and practice the religions of love, whose scriptures are written in your hearts.  


Forget injuries,
never forget kindness'.
-- Chinese Proverb --

I am Missing You
By Carl Sellars

The sun sets with a radiant triumph
A closing of another day of light and promise
I ponder the day’s lessons and question the
Validity of my responses… I am unsure

Sleeping, the dreams and messages
Struggling with their answers and insights…
I doubt my wisdom to comprehend

Waking yet again and again
Wandering through life’s minuscule troubles
Letting my ego get the best of me…
I feel defeated, empty, alone

I cry… emptying out all of the pain
Shouting at the heavens for an answer
Bashing at the foundations of morality
Screaming at my shortcomings
Wailing my frustration at the unfairness of it all


And in the silence of my exhaustion
When my breathing stills
My heart pounds in my ears no longer
My body is still… my mind is empty
A small still voice comes to light in my soul
I am missing you Child… SHHHHHH.

Hear my love with your heart
Feel my healing with your soul
Live my promise without your fears

For the pain you feel is not the pain of the world
For it matters not
The pain is your soul missing me

When you need me… you will find me…
Eternally waiting
In the small quiet place that is mine



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