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Editor's Welcome 

Diane's Welcome 

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Please Lend us Your Love 

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Editor’s Welcome
 Summer has arrived with a sizzle  here in North Carolina, and the heat gives us good reason to take a time out, but there is an even better one.  Many of us experienced a tumultuous Spring, filled with lots of mixed up energy and changes.  Most of us experinced some graduations, not just of schools but our own into new situations.
So now its vacation time, a chance to relax and reflect and enjoy where you are.  Practice living in the moment, stop and smell the roses.  Make time to really appreciate what you have, as the attitude of gratitude is a key part of manifesting more of what you want.   Stay cool, enjoy the blessings you have and please enjoy this issue.
Love and Light
Diane’s Welcome
Hello to everyone :-),
I hope your summer is filled with abundance, adventure and some playful time out. There has been a significant amount of change in one form or another for many people.   As we give ourselves permission to kick back and relax, it enhances a greater balance within and  opens the door to clarity on all levels.  Speaking about change,  I mentioned in the previous newsletter that Jeffrey and I will be opening up our Serenity Shoppe.  We have decided to start it up next year.  In the interim,  we are researching  vendors and accummulating the products.  This is the fun part...playing, dreaming and shopping :-).   The most exciting event right now is the move to my new office in Hillsborough.  I relocated to Daniel Boone Village on July 1st.  Please click on the following link for details about my business, including my new address, phone number and coming rate changes:   www.Serenityshop.net/classes&schedules.htm. Due to my office not having a waiting area,  I will be accepting scheduled  phone or in-person appointments only.  On the above link you will also find the classes I am offering (some of which are new) as well as new "Group sessions".
In closing, I wish you all a fun-filled and abundant summer.

If you dare to dream, open your heart and have faith.....you will live it :-).
With much love and

There can be no high 
civilization where there is not ample leisure.
-- Henry Ward Beecher

With Love, From Serione'
Many have been through some life changing events of benefit and others creating the same patterns of  old.  You see, what you have given and continue to give thought to consistently will present itself with much more intensity and will manifest itself  physically.  You're beings of great Divinity dear ones and your creations are abundant.  You have choice in all situations as  to what you experience  on a daily basis.  Your choices are simple... either you like what is coming to you or you don't.   If it is not to your liking, simply change  how you perceive and react to it.  Perception, which is created by belief systems, is the key to your manifestation.  For example,  many were affected by the tragedy of September 11th financially.  As the majority focused their consciousness on old behavior patterns of recession, so it was created.  There were some on the planet that were not affected in a diminishing spiral   and instead saw opportunity.  Many rationalize by saying, it is the type of business. It has to do with individuals facing great change where passion does not exist.   We would say that  outcomes were created with great success during a time of chaos...this is a consciousness that is growing in your world.  In these months following your June soltice up through your fall equinox - you will reap the manifestations that you have focused in your spring.  Those of you who have down time in your work arena, we would wish for you to consider putting your mind, voice and hands into creative play.  Many of you have gifts that are not being utilized and a passion will flower from its use.   Be willing to choose   greater reasoning and you will know peace, be willing to integrate creative play and you will know passion,  be willing to honor yourself and you will know Divinity.

We wish you a creative,
playful summer filled with
passion and abundance

To the art of working well a
civilized race would add the art of playing well.
-- George Santayana

Please Lend Us Your Love
No person we have ever known has better epitomized the role of loving mother and wise women, than our dear Merle Haeberlin.  This is the woman we trusted our children to when we were away or at work.  She not only watched them but she cared for them, loved them and taught them.  But now, as she faces the worst health challenge of her life, a cancer,  she also epitomizes courage and the strength of faith, and again she teaches friends, family and strangers alike.  So we ask for your help dear friends and readers.  Take a moment to send your love and prayer, to Merle Haeberlin, in West Richland Washington.  God Bless You Merle, and may the highest and best outcome for you and your family be realized.  Amen.
Mine is the Sunlight
Mine is the morning
Born of the one Light
Eden saw play,
Praise with elation
Praise for the morning
Gods Re-creation
Of the new day
4th Verse of Morning has Broken

A Father's Wisdom
The following is a letter written by a man of great love and wisdom, who recently left the physical world, but not before touching a great many lives in the most positive manner.  This is a letter written By Dr. William (Bill)  Pollitzer, to his daughter "Ginny" (whom we are blessed to have attend the "Chapel of Light").   I am offering this letter not so much to honor Bill's memory, but to honor of you, by sharing a little bit of his wisdom with you.
For those of you, who like me never met Bill in person, and never knew him professionally here is a little of his human history.
Dr. William Sprott Pollitzer was a long time professor and friend of the University of North Carolina, where he taught genetics and anatomy, until his retirement from the Dept. of Anthropology in 1986.  He still remained an instructor of gross anatomy up until he was diagnosed with cancer in 1999.  Bill edited two journals, and was the President of the American Association of Physical Anthropology.
My dear Ginny:

This is a special Mother's Day greeting to you, my favorite young mother. You are performing wonderfully well in this most important job in the world. And I know it is often frustrating as well as rewarding.
I take this occasion to share some personal thoughts woven together over 65 years. As you know, no one religious faith was handed to me; it has often been a painful and difficult struggle to achieve my own. Nothing is more precious to us than our personal faith.
I have traveled widely and read at least some literature of many faiths. I have taught in Moslem Egypt, Catholic Brazil, Protestant England,and Japan with its Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. I have found marvels in the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Analects of Confucius, the Eight-Fold Path to Truth of Buddha, the dialogues of Plato. But what means most to me because of my own background is the Judeo-Christian tradition. The Bible tells of its evolution from a stern and jealous God of old, through the great eighth-century prophets, to the teaching and example of Jesus of Nazareth.
Leave the subtle theological arguments to others; they have so often led to intolerance and bloodshed as each faction claimed to be right. Whenever one says "I believe" he may draw strength from those of like mind, but alienate those who differ. Whenever one says "I love" he can unite with others in a weary world.
When the Master Teacher was asked to summarize His faith, he gave only two commands: Love the Lord thy God, and love thy neighbor as thyself; the first taken from Deuteronomy, and the second buried in the myriad laws of Leviticus. I would stress the little word as; not more, not less, but the same as. With that command, like the Golden Rule, He laid the foundation not only of mercy but also of justice. The ancient Stoics had a great code that stood four-square on the pillars of courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom. But Jesus added to that temple a roof of faith and hope and love that turned human eyes toward the heavens.
I cannot vouch for the ultimate message, some eternal salvation.  That I must leave in the hands of God. But I am convinced of the practical value of His teaching and example here and now. It is common sense that all prosper when we throw our love and compassion toward others. When we throw hand grenades all suffer. Love has a way of cleansing fear and hatred from the human heart. I believe in it whether in the family, in business, in government, or in the affairs of nations.
I see nothing wrong with the pursuit of power and wealth. When justly obtained and wisely used they can be of great benefit to all. But it is a matter of priority and proportion: what do we put first?
When J. P. Morgan, then the richest man in America was called to testify before a senate committee, One senator asked him if he knew that the Bible says that money is the root of all evil. Morgan corrected him: the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. The same could be said of power or fame. I am convinced that if we are sufficiently considerate of others, and show them our love and respect, they are far more likely to respond in kind and to repay us in the same currency, much to the blessing of all. Love has a way of growing; hatred has a way of killing.
I admire success, and even envy those who achieve it. But I hope that it is enlightened and guided by a sense of humility, consideration, and love of others.
We who have children have an added opportunity and responsibility, for they learn so quickly what they see and hear. How natural for a child to seek power over others as he or she explores the environment, and tests the limits of behavior. How natural, too, is the acquisitive instinct. Your own warmth and wisdom will supply the needed love and discipline to channel that energy into service to others as well as self.
I usually get all too little out of sermons. But I remember Fr. Tom Palko's fable of the long spoons. People who tried to feed them-selves with them found it impossible to reach the mouth. Then they learned to feed others -- and a11 could eat and be nourished. Is not that the essence of Christ's teaching?
In the spirit of my fatherly love, I ask you to uphold and promote and teach love and compassion to all the lives around you. If we truly try we can usually avoid conflicts, instead of being in a position where we feel forced into winning them. Often I find it helpful to step back and think in terms of cause and effect in behavior rather than of praise or blame.
What does it profit a man to win the whole world and lose his own soul?
I look back on 30 years at the University of North Carolina, good years filled with teaching, research, and other professional duties. I see the mission of a university as the advancement of knowledge and service to people -- a perfect parallel to Christ’s two commands.
As you know, I have been president of two national organizations, editor of a journal, on a panel of NSF, and more. Yet what I most cherish is simply the affection and respect of my family, students and friends.
A good name is more to be desired than great riches.
To love others is the supreme opportunity of our lives; to be loved by others is the supreme measure of our lives.  In the Brothers Karamazov one brother spells out for another a yarn of the time that Great Teacher came back to earth during the Inquisition. The Grand Inquisitor arrested him and gave him a stern lecture. He said: I know you came to bring freedom. But I found that what people want is magic, mystery, and authority.
How often have such goals kept us from seeing his real message of love and sacrifice which does indeed bring us the greatest blessing of all -- our freedom and our salvation.
Please feel free to share these thoughts as you will. And when I die I would like to be remembered by them.
Love and good wishes on this Mother’s Day.

Your devoted
May 4, 1988

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents,
for these only gave life, those the art of
living well.
-- Aristotle

The Divine Plan
By Joan Stets
The more enlightened we become, the more we realize that we are on earth to learn and grow.  Consistent with this philosophy is the belief that the earth is in fact a school with a curriculum of twelve classes.  Each class lasts approximately 4 weeks correlating, not with the Roman calendar, but with the zodiac.  The course material of each class is a specific energy which is showered down upon the earth during a particular time frame (actually all of the energies are present all year, but during each phase a different one is enhanced from above).    We experience this energy  so that we can expand who we are.
The three energies presented in this newsletter are the three we will be experiencing over the span of this quarterly publication.  Please note that the first energy according to the Spiritual realm is that of Pisces (while the conventional zodiac begins with Aries).
The Fifth Energy 
June 21 - July 21
This Glorious energy reminds us that the center of our being is the heart.  We are all pure love sent from the Divine to manifest on the earth.  This energy stimulates our ability to remember this and therein makes us one with our souls.  It invites us to take risks, open our hearts, drop the cloak of protection and seek intimacy.  It is time to increase our capacity to love.

The Sixth Energy 
July 22 - August 22
This energy is brought to earth to help us learn and experience happiness.  By integrating mind, body and spirit, we bring ourselves into alignment with who we truly are.  We free ourself from the limitations that the "social mind" has put upon us.  We can stretch beyond the inhibitions and embrace our life's purpose.  In doing so, our awareness to the connection of our soul increases.  As we experience the constant love and abundance it gives us, there will be happiness and great joy.

The Seventh Energy
August 23 - September 23
This energy focuses on discernment - an issue for all on the earth plane.  It is time to "fine tune" our ability to decide what is beneficial to our well being and what is harmful, or simply no longer needed.  This pertains, not only to ourselves, other people, and objects in the physical world, but to energies in the spiritual world as well.  It is an opportunity to be attentive to the small details and subtleties that exist.  These are often illuminating clues that assist us in our choices.

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